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Fritz Wysotzki (Prof. Dr.)

Ehemaliger Leiter der Einheit KI
Raum: MAR 4.015
Telefon: +49 30 314-24245
E-Mail: wysotzki <AT> mailbox.tu-berlin.de

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Verfügbare Programme (CAL5, DIPOL)


Fritz Wysotzki
Geboren 1937 in Bad Muskau

Akademische Laufbahn
Art der Tätigkeit
Highschool in Weißwasser
Studies of Physics at Humboldt-University Berlin
Assistent at the Institute of High Energy (Elementary Particle) Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the former GDR
Dr.rer.nat. (Dissertation in Elementary Particle Physics)
Changing to the newly founded Central Institute of Cybernetics and Information Processing of the Academy and since that time, always working in AI and Cognitive Science
Investigation and computer simulation of human concept learning, development of new methods of machine learning based on the induction of decision trees and extensions of the Perceptron-principle.
Application of the learning algorithms in medical and technical diagnosis, production automation, pharmacology, forest culture, meteorological prediction etc.
Second doctoral degree (Dr. sc. nat.)
Project "Intelligent Robots" (Methods of automatic action planning, 3-dimensional recognition, development of a higher programming language for robots, theoretical results on inductive program synthesis)
1982: Professor of the Academy of Sciences, Head of the Dept. "Artificial Intelligence".
(Expert Systems in chemical synthesis and protein configuration planning, development of AI-languages, Machine Learning and Planning, Cognitive Psychology)
Chairman of an international project "Foundations of Knowledge Processing for New Generation Computers" (Functional and object oriented extensions of Logic Programming, theoretical investigations on program synthesis by hierarchical planning).
Stays (partly with lectures) at the Universities of Rome, Pisa, Torino, Grenoble, and Paris-Sud.
1988 Corresponding Member of the Academy
1989 Head of Dept. Cognitive Psychology
Head of Dept. "Innovative Methods in Process Control" of the Institute of Automation of the Academy, Berlin. (Application of knowledge based methods and Machine Learning to process diagnosis and control)
Participation in the ESPRIT-Project StatLog (A Comparative Study of Statistical, Neuronal and Logical Learning Algorithms)
Lectures on AI and Cognition at the University of Technology (TU) Berlin
Head of working group "Knowledge Based Signal Processing", Dept. of Process Optimization, Fraunhofer Institute for Information and Data Processing (Machine Learning of decision trees, combination of Artificial Neuronal Nets with symbolic processing, classification of time series, application of Machine Learning to process control).
Professor for "Methods of AI", Dept. of Computer Science, University of Technology (TU) Berlin.

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