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Common Input Explains Higher-Order Correlations and Entropy in a Simple Model of Neural Population Activity

Macke, J., Opper, M. and Bethge, M.

Physical Review Letters. American Physical Society, 208102. 2011

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Learning of Correlated Patterns in Perceptrons

López, B. J., Schröder, M. and Opper, M.

J. Phys. A, L447. 1995

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Learning algorithm for a Neural Network with binary synapses

Köhler, H., Diederich, S., Kinzel, W. and Opper, M.

Zeitschrift für Physik B, 333–342. 1990

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Critical Storage Capacity of the $J= \pm 1$ Neural Network

Krauth, W. and Opper, M.

J. Phys. A, L519–L523. 1989

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Statistical Mechanics of the Knapsack Problem

Korutcheva, E., Opper, M. and López, B. J.

J. Phys. A, L645–L650. 1994

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Synchronization of neural networks by mutual learning and its application to cryptography

Klein, E., Mislovaty, R., Kanter, I., Ruttor, A. and Kinzel, W.

Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems. MIT Press, 689-696. 2005

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Dynamics of Learning

Kinzel, W. and Opper, M.

Physics of Neural Networks. Springer Verlag, 149–171. 1991

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Optimal control as a graphical model inference problem

Kappen, H. J., Gomez, V. and Opper, M.

Machine Learning. Springer, 159-182. 2012

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