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Successful attack on permutation-parity-machine-based neural cryptography
Zitatschlüssel Seoane:2012:SAP
Autor Luís Francisco Seoane Iglesias and Andreas Ruttor
Seiten 025101(R)
Jahr 2012
ISSN 1550-2376
DOI 10.1103/PhysRevE.85.025101
Journal Physical Review E
Jahrgang 85
Nummer 2
Zusammenfassung An algorithm is presented which implements a probabilistic attack on the key-exchange protocol based on permutation parity machines. Instead of imitating the synchronization of the communicating partners, the strategy consists of a Monte Carlo method to sample the space of possible weights during inner rounds and an analytic approach to convey the extracted information from one outer round to the next one. The results show that the protocol under attack fails to synchronize faster than an eavesdropper using this algorithm.
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