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Approximate inference for stochastic reaction processes
Zitatschlüssel Ruttor:2010:AIS
Autor Andreas Ruttor and Guido Sanguinetti and Manfred Opper
Buchtitel Learning and Inference in Computational Systems Biology
Seiten 189-205
Jahr 2010
Herausgeber Neil D. Lawrence and Mark Girolami and Magnus Rattray and Guido Sanguinetti
Verlag MIT Press
Zusammenfassung We discuss the problem of statistical inference for Markov jump processes modelling biochemical reactions. Using a variational formulation of exact inference we derive two different approximations. A weak noise approach within a diffusion approximation is relevant when the number of individuals of a given species is rather large. On the other hand a mean field approximation takes the discreteness of the number of individuals into account but neglects correlations.
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