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Supervised Learning: Information Theoretic Bounds on Predictive Errors

Opper, M. and Haussler, D.

Proceedings of the IEEE workshop on Information Theory (ITW'95), 6.2. 1995

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Learning in Artificial Neural Networks: The Statistical Mechanics Approach

Opper, M.

Supercomputing in Brain Reasearch: From Tomography to Neural Networks. World Scientific, 321–330. 1995

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Maximal Stability in Unsupervised Learning

Mietzner, A., Opper, M. and Kinzel, W.

J. Phys. A, 2785–2797. 1995

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Statistical Mechanics of the Knapsack Problem

Korutcheva, E., Opper, M. and López, B. J.

J. Phys. A, L645–L650. 1994

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Simulating Infinite Systems

Opper, M.

Physica A, 545–551. 1993

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The effect of correlations in neural networks

Wendemuth, A., Opper, M. and Kinzel, W.

J. Phys. A, 3165–3185. 1993

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The Generalization Ability of Perceptrons with Continuous Outputs

Bös, S., Kinzel, W. and Opper, M.

Physical Review E, 1384. 1993

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Construction Algorithm for the Parity Machine

Biehl, M. and Opper, M.

Physica A, 307–313. 1993

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Generalization in a two–layer network

Schwarze, H., Opper, M. and Kinzel, W.

Phys. Rev. A, 6185–6188. 1992

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