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On the Relaxation of Infinite Range Spin Glasses

Scharnagl, A., Opper, M. and Kinzel, W.

J. Phys. A, 5721-5727. 1995

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Statistical Mechanics of the Knapsack Problem

Korutcheva, E., Opper, M. and López, B. J.

J. Phys. A, L645–L650. 1994

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Exact Solution to a Toy Random Field Model

Opper, M.

J. Phys. A, L719–L722. 1993

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The effect of correlations in neural networks

Wendemuth, A., Opper, M. and Kinzel, W.

J. Phys. A, 3165–3185. 1993

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On the Ability of the Optimal Perceptron to Generalize

Opper, M., Kinzel, W., Kleinz, J. and Nehl, R.

J. Phys. A, L581–L586. 1990

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Critical Storage Capacity of the $J= \pm 1$ Neural Network

Krauth, W. and Opper, M.

J. Phys. A, L519–L523. 1989

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Basins of Attraction near the Critical Storage Capacity for Neural Networks with Constant Stabilities

Opper, M., Kleinz, J., Köhler, H. and Kinzel, W.

J. Phys. A, L407–L411. 1989

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Maximal Stability in Unsupervised Learning

Mietzner, A., Opper, M. and Kinzel, W.

J. Phys. A, 2785–2797. 1995

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An Estimator for the Relative Entropy Rate of Path Measures for Stochastic Differential Equations

M., O.

J. Comput. Phys.. Academic Press Professional, Inc., 127–133. 2017

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Sequential, Bayesian geostatistics: A principled method for large data sets

Cornford, D., Csató, L. and Opper, M.

Geographical Analysis, 183-199. 2005

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Distribution of Internal Fields and Dynamics of Neural Networks

Henkel, R. D. and Opper, M.

Europhys. Lett., 403–408. 1990

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