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List of Publications


MCMC for continuous time switching models

Stimberg, F., Ruttor, A. and Opper, M.

NIPS Workshop on Monte Carlo Methods for Modern Applications (December 10, 2010, Whistler, Canada) 2010

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Parameter estimation and inference for stochastic reaction-diffusion systems: application to morphogenesis in D. melanogaster

Opper, M., Dewar, M. A., Kadirkamanathan, V. and Sanguinetti, G.

BMC Systems Biology. BMC Systems Biology %, 669 - 676. 2010

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A new variational radial basis function approximation for inference in multivariate diffusions

Opper, M., Vrettas, M. D. and Cornford, D.

Neurocomputing. Elsevier, 1186 - 1198. 2010

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Learning combinatorial transcriptional dynamics from gene expression data

Opper, M. and Sanguinetti, G.

Bioinformatics. Oxford Journals, 1623-1629. 2010

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Regret Bounds for Gaussian Process Bandit Problems

Grünewälder, S., Audibert, J.-Y., Opper, M. and Shawe-Taylor, J.

JMLR Workshop and Conference Proceedings, 273-280. 2010

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Balancing a pole

Sobierajski, K. and Sikora, P.


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