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Bachelor Thesis Proposition

The paper Augment and Reduce: Stochastic Inference for Large Categorical Distributions proposes to simplify multiclass classification for a large number of classes. The method proposed is based on probabilities but only aim at solving a maximum likelihood problem, the project would be to enlarge the scope of the algorithm with a prior by doing maximum-a-posteriori or maybe variational inference.

Please contact Theo Galy-Fajou if you are interested

Paper : https://arxiv.org/abs/1802.04220


Das variationale Dirichlet Prozess Mixture Modell
Zitatschlüssel Batz:2010:VDP
Autor Philipp Batz
Jahr 2010
Schule HU Berlin
Typ der Publikation Bachelorarbeit
Link zur Publikation Download Bibtex Eintrag



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